350,00 kr

An Eternally Blooming bouquet is an arrangement of dried flowers and grasses that stays beautiful for a long long time and doesn’t need water. This bouquet is a great way to set a mood, where it isn’t possible to change the water, or when you don’t have the time to care for fresh flowers. Perhaps you simply want that romantic and slightly nostalgic feeling that you get from dried flowers.

Our eternally blooming bouquet comes in a single size. The materials for an Eternally Blooming bouquet are slightly more expensive than fresh flowers and that is the reason the price of the arrangement is also slightly higher, however it will bring you joy for a long time to come. The bouquet is arranged from what dried materials we have in the Flower Studio and will vary slightly from the photos you see here, though they are representative of the style of the bouquet. Please let us know if you have any particular requests concerning colours or materials and we will try our best to fulfil them from the materials we have or order them whenever possible.

If you have any special requests for colours, flowers and shape, you can add it in the text box above. You can also write a personal message to be included on a card with your bouquet, as well as choosing your desired delivery date. We offer next day delivery across our delivery area except for Sundays, when we don’t deliver.

Notice: This arrangement is only delivered in our own area of delivery, as we can’t promise that our partners in other areas of Denmark and around the world, have the same materials at their availability. If you don’t live in our own area of delivery but want to order an Eternally Blooming bouquet, you can order an Eternally blooming bouquet arranged by us but delivered by at nemlig.com at their website as their area of delivery is larger than ours.