Blomster til livet og festen

At the studio of florist Lars Jon craft meets art, interior mixes with decoration and loving thoughts are sent to events, big and small.

We let flowers, plants and decorations bloom in interior settings, shine at events and bring beauty and happiness into the lives of people. No event or occasion is too big or too small for us. We deliver flowers to and decorate at events in all type of settings. Let us help you find the best creative and artistic floral expression to set the right mood for your next event.


Få blomster og pynt leveret direkte til døren

We love flowers. Nothing puts a smile on our face and makes us feel as an important part of the lives of friends, family and colleagues like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That is why flowers are a wonderful and thoughtful gift, whether the occasion is joyous or sad. We deliver flowers all across the country – and across most of the globe. Experience our big selection of bouquets in our webshop.

Blomster til alle anledninger

At the flower studio of florist Lars Jon we love exploring what happens when creative expression is allowed to become part of everyday life and when artistic sensibility is invited to the party and sets the stage for those special moments in life.


Flower academy

Bøger & foredrag


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