We love creating flowers for any occasion from the spur-of-the-moment arrangement to be sent as a loving thought to rows of uniform bouquets for your employees, from beautiful flower boxes for considerate hosts to large Christmas decorations. We create funeral bouquets, wedding decorations and bridal bouquets. We are happy to celebrate any of life’s occasions and your big days throughout the year with creative, beautiful and artistic flower decorations


A wedding is life’s big celebration of love and flowers are the most elegant and life-affirming way to create the rooms and moods you want to be the dackdrop for your big day. Whether you are looking for table decorations, garlands above door openings, entire walls or elegant little decorations to set the mood for your wedding, we are pleased to help and guide you as well as executing the event all the way from putting up the flowers to taking them down again. All of ours weddings start with a meeting and we are happy to come take a look at your chosen location with you.

Parties & events

During the years, we have helped style and execute large and small events from the classy dinner party to entire rooms for press events at fairs and other occasions, where it is important to underline certain themes and build a mood. Tell us about your party or event and together we will find out exactly what it is your location needs in order to make everything come together the way you want it to.

Flower styling

Do you want your home to blossom or your office to present itself in a more appealing manner? Are you looking to decorate your outdoor spaces in a personal and inspiring way? We are happy to help so please do not hesitate to contact us when you want personal flower styling that is just right for you.